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Heikki Suonsivu, Founder and Chairman Parking Energy Ltd, +358 40 551 9679, heikki.suonsivu

Jiri Räsänen, CEO Parking Energy Ltd, +358 45 601 3553, jiri.rasanen@

Mikko Summala, COO, Managing Director, Parking Energy UK Ltd,  +44 7764 188624, mikko.summala@

Documents in Finnish - Suomenkieliset Dokumentit

(In Finnish) Suomenkieliset anti-dokumentit ja annin edistyminen löytyvät suomenkieliseltä sivulta täältä .

February 2020 Share Issue Progress

We will update the progress here every working day. The total number of shares released is 400,000, of which 215,988 are offered primarily for current shareholders and the rest are reserved for convertible notes.

Current progress - as of close of business 10/3 -  SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD HAS ENDED


Primary subscription


Secondary subscription


% shares subscribed


Total money raised



February 2020 Share Issue

The company share holder meeting on the 6th of February, 2020 decided on a new share issue, to be released predominantly for existing owners and those who hold convertible notes issued by the company. Total amount of new shares is 400,000 (four hundred thousand), issued at €3.00 (three Euros) per share.

The share issue will be released in two phases, first one starting on Tuesday 11th of February, 2020 and lasting for four weeks. The first two weeks are reserved for existing share holder who can subscribe one new share per three old shares.  The shares are allocated per pro rata principle. In case not all shares released in the first phase are subscribed, the remaining shares are offered first to existing share holders and then to other potential investors. Please review the attached documents for more information.

2020.02.11. Share Issue diagram.jpg

Investment documents​


Official share offer details ("Perustietoasiakirja", in Finnish), pdf 

Share Subscription Form, pdf

Shareholders Meeting minutes ("Yhtiökokouksen pöytäkirja", in Finnish), pdf

Capital Loan Agreement for Individuals, pdf

Capital Loan Agreement for Companies, pdf

Shareholders Agreement, pdf

Shareholders Agreement ("Yhtiöjärjestys", in Finnish), pdf